Automate How You Delegate

Simplify delegation with AI tools and save time.

Automate How You Delegate

Insight from Rameel Sheikh

Everyone has the same advice for overworked operators:

“You just need to delegate better!” 

What they always fail to mention is that delegation in itself is a lot of work.

Freeing up your time actually requires a large upfront investment of time. You have to train your team, create documentation, correct errors, etc.

Lucky for us, AI tools can make this process significantly easier and less time-consuming.

(If you do it right, you can actually spend zero extra time on training and documentation)

When you’re about to start a task that you’d like to delegate:

  • Start a Loom recording, and begin working through the task.

  • Narrate every step of the task as you complete it and be as detailed as possible. Note any exceptions to the processes.

  • Once you’ve completed the recording, copy the transcript and ask ChatGPT to create a detailed “standard operating procedure” (SOP) for the task.

From here, I’ll take the Loom recording, the transcript, and the SOP and drop it all into a recurring Asana task. 

I tag the teammate, set the due dates, and move on with my day.

In the time it took me to complete the task (which I was going to do anyway!), I’ve successfully delegated it and removed it from my plate forever.

Try this out this week with a task you want to hand off. 

I will warn you: it’s addictive. You’re going to start seeing opportunities to delegate everywhere.


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