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Launch a B2B product using B2C tactics

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As I think through the launch, I’ve been diving into what makes a great launch. Poking around, I stumbled upon Antimetal’s latest launch.

Their latest launch went so well that their sales booking link broke. I want to replicate that type of success.

Let’s jump in to see how they did it.

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Setting the Stage

Antimetal’s Anti-Boring Campaign

Antimetal is a SaaS product that aims to help companies save time and money managing their AWS infrastructure.

On April 4th, Antimetal officially launched their new product and website. But what caught everyone's attention was how they executed their launch campaign on social media, particularly on X.

The results were impressive. As of April 7th, just three days after the launch, Antimetal's official launch tweets had garnered a combined 1.5 million views. And that's not all – their influencer marketing campaign, generated an additional 2 million+ views.

Launching a new product is always challenging, but B2B startups face unique hurdles when it comes to generating buzz.

There are 5 common issues that all B2B teams face:

  • B2B products are often more complex and niche than consumer products. This can make it harder to capture people's attention and communicate the value proposition clearly.

  • B2B purchases often involve multiple stakeholders and longer sales cycles. Generating initial awareness is just one piece of the puzzle.

  • B2B startups struggle with limited budgets. This limited budget can make competing with established players in the space difficult.

  • Most B2B marketers fall back on traditional tactics like whitepapers, webinars, and email campaigns. These tactics aren't always effective at driving genuine excitement.

  • With so many startups vying for attention, making your product stand out can feel impossible. It feels like no matter how innovative or valuable it may be.

This is the problem that Antimetal faced when it launched its AI-powered command and control system for AWS. They knew they had a great product that could solve real problems for their target customers.

But they also knew that getting people to pay attention and care would be an uphill battle.

Fortunately, Antimetal had a secret weapon: a deep understanding of their target audience and the social media landscape they inhabited. By focusing on:

  • Leveraging founder-led content

  • A compelling asset (their launch video)

  • A viral influencer campaign

They were able to cut through the noise and generate massive buzz for their product launch.

Ops Tactic: Have one media asset be the focal point where you drive all launch efforts towards

Why this Matters

B2B is boring. It doesn’t have to be

You might think: "Sure, Antimetal's launch was impressive, but what does that have to do with me?"

The answer is: everything.

When you're launching a new product, you're not just competing with other products in your category.

You're competing with every other company, product, and piece of content that's vying for your target audience's attention.

If you can't find a way to break through the noise and make people take notice, you risk losing out on opportunities to drive awareness, adoption, and revenue.

But the impact of a viral launch goes beyond just the initial buzz.

When done right, it can set your startup up for long-term success by:

  • Generating a surge of qualified leads and demo requests

  • Building brand awareness and credibility in your target market

  • Attracting the attention of potential investors, partners, and top talent

And the best part? You don't need a massive marketing budget or a team of experts to pull it off.

As Antimetal's launch shows, sometimes all it takes is a little creativity, a deep understanding of your audience, and a willingness to take risks and try something new.

In the next section, we'll dive into three specific ways you can do just that, based on the strategies and tactics that Antimetal used to such great effect.

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